Building Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) Capacity


Schubert Elementary


Schubert Elementary’s top priority since 2017 was to build Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) capacity and ensure ongoing coaching and support for their emerging leaders.

The Challenge

When we began our partnership in 2017, the Principal had limited capacity to consistently lead ILT meetings, support her AP and other emerging leaders, or coordinate development aligned to school goals.

The Solution

Schubert partnered with Fulcrum and we worked alongside the Principal and AP to develop and implement a development plan to facilitate the growth and evolution of the ILT.

Through 1:1 meetings with ILT members, we were able to capture their thoughts and opinions to help shape the overall vision and provide the right resources and support to expand capacity, improve instructional leadership, and enhance the overall experience.

The Outcome

The capacity of the Principal has changed as a result of supporting and empowering her ILT, giving her more time to concentrate on supporting and further developing her staff and students.

The ILT is making deliberate, calculated progress as they continue to develop as teacher leaders. They gained knowledge about how to assess student data, create a culture around its use, and influence school policies and instructional priorities.

Let’s do the intentional work.