Making it easier to lead & execute your vision of excellence.

At Fulcrum Education Solutions, we work with educators, educational leaders, schools, and organizations to deliver specialized coaching and tailored professional development that adds value and capacity for sustained success.

Your Leadership. Leveraged.

Educational change and impact begin with you, but the complexities of the job often make it difficult to focus on what matters most.

That’s where we step in.

What We Do

We’re here to make your life easier by helping you identify root issues, providing you with customized solutions, and bridging the gap between development and implementation.


We empower you by creating a judgment-free and non-evaluative environment built on trust, focusing on the things that matter most to you.


Our team takes careful measures to fully immerse ourselves into your unique context to understand the broad spectrum of data we need to develop optimal pathways for impact.


We care deeply about being thought partners that give you the space, trust, and support to make your own decisions. It’s not about us, it’s about you. Your success is ours.

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Fulcrum Is The Kind Of Unique Consultant And Partner That Writes All Of Their Institutional Knowledge And Shares It With You Openly.

They give really high quality documented materials and resources. Their operational excellence and really strong quality of operations and organization helped the program run smoothly, largely because of the work that they were doing on that and their commitment to that. And secondly, their openness to collaboration, to ideas, if actually getting in the weeds with us to figure it out. They’re really curious, which is what makes them good collaborators. They’re good listeners and ask good questions, which helps them get in there to be a good thought partner and make good strategic decisions on your behalf when they’re doing when they’re doing the execution.


The Work That Fulcrum Does is Outstanding.

They ensure that every leader and teacher has the support and development they deserve. Fulcrum provides high quality, consistent, customized coaching as well as professional development. They are dedicated to both leader and teacher development.


Fulcrum Is Really Good At Hearing The Main Point Through All Of The Noise.

They’re running on all cylinders and it’s not just about the organization, it’s also about me as a person and things that I’m personally interested in and the things that I should consider and want to think about when it comes to the organization. I know that they have a large caseload of people they work with, but it still feels like I’m getting individualized attention even when I’m only meeting with them once or twice a month.


I Credit Any Success I Had With This Partnership.

I reached out to Fulcrum because I knew that my resources were limited. They became a tremendous resource for me as a leader and supported classroom instruction as well. It became a way to have a co-leader to support me and the school and to move teachers and instruction forward. Just having someone to process the challenges we all had as Catholic school leaders and find solutions was invaluable. It was actually a way to build leadership capacity at St. Matthias when budgets prevented added leadership staff. We were also able to use Title funds which helped support our programming. I absolutely recommend them.


I Have A Lot More Confidence In Myself As A Principal Because Of The Input Of Fulcrum.

I feel like there’s another checks and balances. When I run things by them, I feel more confident executing because I know it’s not off the wall. Having them as support really helped accelerate instructional changes, how meetings were run, and taking time to reflect. When you’re sitting with somebody who gets it, who’s there to support you, they almost trick you into reflecting. Then your practice improves. I’m growing and becoming more confident. Fulcrum builds in this consistent reflection piece that’s really impactful.


Focus on what matters most.